Personality and Holiday Preferences

All of us want to select the right holiday destination to our aspects but how do we do this, if we have never been to the places we are considering? There is no opportunity to understand if it is appropriate for us to our holiday destination before buying it in a tour company. Or is there? ‘The key to selecting the right kind of holiday is knowing your own personality type’ says Arthur Hoffman, managing director, Expedia Asia Pacific.

I was thinking to do something about tourism sector for my final project because knowing about new culture and new places always attracted me. While I was doing my research, I found many studies about personality and holiday preferences.

 According to psychologists, there is a relation between someone’s Personality and his/her Holiday Preferences. There are many different theories about the main psychological differentiations between individuals. One of the most accepted theory is Five Factor Model. It was developed first by Costa and McCrae. The Big Five is usually measure by the NEO-PI-R. It is a test, which attempts to predict person’s interests, health and illness behavior, psychological well-being and characteristic style. The first person that conducted research on the relationship between personality and tourist behavior is suggested to be Plog in 1972. Jackson had introduced a newer typology for tourist personality. Finally, Eachus was modified Jackson’s typology. Eachus created a scale which four types of tourist choices can be measured: Adventurous preference, Beach preference, Cultural preference and Indulgent preferences. The main objective of my project will be to look for the relationship between Personality and Holiday Preferences.

Today, people research and plan their trips using both print and online materials. For this reason my project will be based on a both print and online tools. There will be a web site for a tour company, which offers their client to experience their appropriate holiday according to their personality.  Also, I will try to do an interface design for I-pad. After then, I would like to do presentation video for this tour company and there will be a brochure for clients as a print material.

 In more detail, clients will do a questionnaire about their psychological profile by using this web site and step-by-step they will eliminate places and at the end of the questionnaire they will have their information about their holiday personality and some destinations that offer this tour company. There won’t be any suggestion for accommodation but it will include some general activities that people can participate and see about this location.  In other words, it doesn’t include any commercial scope but it will be an adviser web site for who want to experience and see their holiday destination, which is appropriate to his/her holiday personality profile.

So, firstly I will start to do a more detailed research about relationship between human personality and their holiday preferences. Then I should find some appropriate destinations according to people’s holiday profile. Later, I will start to prepare questionnaire questions according to academic researches about human psychology, to combine questions with personal profile and holiday preferences. Then I will continue to do visual part of my project like deciding my logo and to create a web site for a tour company and so on.

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