Some parts of the project proposal 1

Project Definition:

Adapting old Istanbul songs to an Istanbul stop motion trip video.


Objectives and goals:

I’m planning to do with this project:

–      To realize that you should aware of the beauty of Istanbul as being a person from Istanbul.

–      To know better the parts of Istanbul.

–      To be aware of the old Istanbul songs and also singers.

–      To make a good combination of music, images and Istanbul.


Target audience/user:

People who are curious to see or discover new places are the general target of this project. If it is required to define an age limit, it is between 20-50 years old. Gender is not important for this project, because who likes to take a walk around the city can interested in this project.



Detailed project description:

People especially, who live in Istanbul usually do not aware of the beauty of Istanbul. They have to go to work, but they do not examine around of the city because of the trying pace of life. I am planning to show or attract these people attentions for the other side of Istanbul like entertainment, natural or historical beauty etc. I want to reinforce this idea with entertaining old Istanbul conceptual songs.


Scope of the project:

The project will be focused on a limited area of Istanbul, not all parts. There will be also a limitation among the old Istanbul songs and these songs will limit the parts of Istanbul. Creating a good relation or a good sense between a city and its songs will make the project more important.

Moreover, I will learn stop motion technique, sound design and also making interactive video with this project. I will also discover Istanbul more deeply with making this project.


Required know-how and resources:

I have to learn

–      the stop motion photo and video technique

–      sound design and its required programs

–      taking good photos in different light conditions

–      new programs for making the video interactive video

–      using different photo cameras


Difficulties & risks:

Learning new programs for video or sound editing and also for making an interactive video will be a difficulty for me. Taking lots of photos around the city will be also another difficulty for me, because of people, weather or light conditions. Moreover, finding old Istanbul songs from achieves can create problems for me too, because there are lots of songs and listening or selecting some of them will take lots of time.

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