Questionnaire Questions

Last week I decided on my theory to apply on my project. This week I gathered detailed information about Dr. Plog’s travel personality types. I also found his questionnaire questions. Plog has authored three books on travel. In addition to academic books and professional journals, he has lectured at colleges and universities. This week I read also some different academic thesis about Dr. Plog’s psychographic analysis and I gathered information how he analyze questionnaire questions and how he determine different travel personalities.   Dr. Plog is using a Likert-type scale to make a questionnaire. To answer the questions you should choice from “strongly agree” (7) to “strongly disagree” (1).

Here you can find questionnaire questions:


Plog also give some suggestions for holiday destination. He tries to determine what kinds of destinations you will probably like the most.

Here you can find his destination scale:

In so far, I decided which theory I will use in my project and I decided on my questionnaire questions according to academical researches and also I have enough information about different travel personalities.  From now on, I will start to determine destinations, which I will suggest to different travel personalities.  These destinations will be depending on Plog’s travel personality aspects but locations will be different than Plog’s list.


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