The Coffin Project

In October 2012 I visited Guggenheim Museum and saw the exhibition that belongs to Rineke Dijkstra. The work was The Krazyhouse (Megan, Simon, Nicky, Philip, Dee), Liverpool, UK (2009), Dijkstra filmed teenage habitués of local clubs dancing to their favorite music. Presented as multi-channel video installations, these works showcase their subjects’ teen personas and methods of self-expression, revealed in how they style themselves, and in the movements of their bodies. Two video works made in 2009 at Tate Liverpool expand the artist’s interest in the empathetic exchange between photographer and subject to include the affective response.

This exhibition inspired me to think about voyeurism. Because people in the videos were alone in a white room and dancing till get very tired. I witnessed their process of getting involved with the dance moves, their concerns on camera and being alone.

So i came up with an idea of creating an atmosphere that would give us a chance of observing people. I also had another idea so i wanted to combine them to each other. My second concern was about life. I have been questioning life for a long time. I have been judging my decisions and choices that i have made till today. Whenever i think about these moments of deciding I ask my self how do I feel? Do I regret the consequences of the choices that i made?

Thats why i came up with an idea of creating a coffin that reflects my ideas on life, death, memories, bad moments of humanity and etc. with videos that are shot and edited by me. I elaborated my ideas on the project and added some other media elements inside. Such as sound recording, video recording, data collecting. (pulse rate, muscle tension)

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