Why 2d?

We can easily say 3d animation production is more expensive. They spend a lot of money with expensive softwares and many people to work. When 3d animation is done by Pixar, Dreamworks or BlueSky, it looks amazing and it is really fun to watch. Because those movies are big productions with big money and lots of succesful animators. However, they are not the only 3d animations, there are some bad examples unfortunately. For example, if the animation is done for a tv show, since there is not much money to spend on it, it looks like an unfinished video game rather than a 3d animation. Moving forward with this idea, since i dont have staff to work on a complete, long, good animation and no sufficient time, i dont think i would be creating a fun-to-watch 3d animation.

Secondly, when it comes to 3d animations, people’s standards are quite high. There are many incredibly good animations done by those big companies, and our eyes are used to seeing good stuff and expecting it somehow. Since you can do much more realistic things in 3d, people would expect something realistic or something to follow some physical rules at least. Otherwise, it would look like a mistake. What i mean is, nowadays, if you are going to do it, it can not look worse than Shrek. On the other hand, 2d animation is not like this. One can go with more unrealistic, cartoonistic and exeggurated stories. You can actually say more with less. Plus, you can do some mistakes in 2d animation but since it is already unrealistic, you can easily hide the mistake in the exegguration. In addition, the exegguration will work for children as well, because it has to be something fun to keep their attention on the game.

Thirdly, as i mentioned in my background information in the firstdraft, i dont feel very comfortable with using 3d since i newly started learning it. What i want is to use my drawing skills. This doesnt mean that i am going to do all the animation with the old-school technique, i may use some softwares or even a tablet. Since i explained in my last post, this won’t mean that i am using completely traditional animation or computer generated animation. It depends on the level.

Lastly, if i decide to give my time and energy to master in 3d modelling and animation, then, my concern is not to have enough time to deal with Kinect and Max/Msp and hardware (installing it all) parts.Both 2d and 3d modelling can be time consuming, but since learning about modeling, texturing, animating from scratch will take more time for me, 2d is the best option. Also, since i want the installation to run smoothly, i should give enough time to the interaction part as well. In addition to this, i think i will have less problems with running a simple black and white animation as a png sequence in Max/Msp. Otherwise i may face with crashes or software problems.

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