Reorganization and things i added

Since my last post, many improvement happened in my patch. Every week, step by step, i reorganized the patch and also added new things to it. Here is how it looks now:



Above is my general patch now. It took a little time to arrange and clear the unnecessary things, but it is more organized now. I have already explained how i worked the pngs and how i was changing one animal to the other. Now i have created a patcher to control which animal will be on the screen and which sound will belong to that animal. After the week i have done this, i felt the need of something that will prevent the same animal keep coming on the screen again and again. Because my animals were not in a queue, they were coming to the screen randomly so sometimes this was causing problem because it’s boring to see the same animal everytime. So we have created a matrix system to achieve this. It doesn’t work very neat at the moment but i will have a look at it later. I have done these in the patcher called ‘pickanimal’ and it looks like the following:


After choosing the animal in that patcher, i had to define what that animal would do which means i had to arrange the positioning of the mesh and i had to set up the system that will play the sound. I defined all these in the patcher ‘animal’ which looks like the following:


One of the most challenging parts was to put the background behind. For that i’ve created the patcher ‘background’ and with the help of Ekmel hoca 🙂 And ‘’ object solved the problem. Instead of putting just one ocean image behind, i put a few images with slight differences and with a counter object, it imports all the images continiously. This way i have achieved a lighting effect in the ocean. It looks like this:


And of course there had to be something for children to show them where exactly their hands are. For this, i have created a ball that will follow the hand, this way they will try to put the ball on the animal. Later, i will change the ball image into a hand illustration maybe, because the ball doesn’t look very nice. So, the ‘ball’ patcher is like this:


The synapse patcher, i have already explained in my previous posts. It just tracks the left hand positions and send them as coordinate numbers. It looks like the following:


The render patcher is where the magic happens 🙂 All these information of positioning and texturing is gathered here, it creates a plane and transfers the pngs as textures on it and renders. It looks like this:




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