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Final Changes

This is how my mechanical part looks like: I did the coding part with JMyron Library in Processing. My code contrasts the previous and current image to find blops and puts points on that blops’ x and y’s. After that it gets the average points to create an iris. For creating boundaries for the eyeball, I compare […]

Gel Coat Eye

I started my last trial with gel coat. As always Kemal Abi didn’t do what I wanted. He suggested to wrap a ball with tape and cover it with gel coat. I begged him not to waste time with it, he didn’t listen and of course it failed. Then I got minimum help from Kemal […]


Since polyester makes the object greenish or reddish, I have bought the “jelkot” which makes the eyeball transparent. Firstly, I tried to make the eyeball out of plates ball. This try was a fail. Because the ball exploded since jelkot made it too hot. So we decided to use a new ball and cover it with clay and […]


Bugün mafsal almam gerekiyordu ve aldım. İçiçe geçmiş iki daireden oluşan ve her yöne dönebilen bir sistem. Mafsalın içine çelik bir mil çaktırmam gerektiği için sanayiye gitmem gerekti. Mil mafsalın içine girdiğinde doğal olarak dışarıdaki daire çelik boruya çarptığından, dönüş kapasitesini kaybediyordu. Bu yüzden çelik mili tornacıda inceltmem gerekti. Bana çok yardımcı oldular. Mil incelince […]


I did my first attempt to make the eyeball part of the sculpture. After some discussions and brain-storming, best solution for the mechanism was to use an universal joint and make the sculpture turn around on its center by the use of step motor and sticks. Then I had to decide the lightest material for […]


Authority is some kind of power, which sets some rules, watches and follows the members of certain group to keep that group working without any problem. That is why I am going to visualize authority and society members’ being kept under control, with a huge robot-like eye-shaped sculpture. This sculpture’s first aim is to make […]