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Finalized: criteria of success

As indicated before, a working prototype of the project should be the end goal of this initial phase of the project, which sums up to a period of 14 weeks in total. I found myself successful for i’ve met and provided the technical base of the project in the past few weeks, then visualizing, which I felt relatively […]

Microfields: links&inspirations    


The project already began with a wide range of research on the subjects of destruction and aestheticisim, reaching to the very past philosophy and literature of the subject and its appearances in the contemporary world. Research and reading is both an initial phase and a continuous one in this project. I will continuously be reading […]

background info.

The fact that “death” is being presented with “cold” leads to the fluent construction of an aesthetic that is already placed in out minds. Death and all other destructions are being so aestheticised, in time, pleasure becomes an inevitable and irresistable insanity. Recently I’ve been reading about the extinction of elephants and several reasons that […]