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Project Definition This project is an installation that intends to arise ideas over life. It aims to urge people to question the choices that we make everyday in our lives. The project focuses on the idea of ‘being the decision maker’ in life. In order to complete this mission it reconstruct the biological data, pulse-rate, […]

Choices Review #2

In the movie: The Color Purple we witness another situation. Sometimes we pospone our choices because we feel insecure or not strong enough. In this movie we see two scenes that establish us this feeling.!quotes/  

Choices Review #1

Some of us believe that life is full of choices. I also do believe that it is. I think that choices are the urges that push us to continue or finish the sequences that we have been creating in our lives. In order to understand how important the choices are we have to understand the […]

Proposal #2

  Project Definition This project aims to collect pulse rate data from humans, which is used for determining video sequences that has been by me and will be screened in an interactive environment that includes lights, microphones, cameras and screens. The project focuses on the idea of ‘being the decision maker’ in life and uses […]

Making of a Simple Heart Meter

I found a source that explains how to make a heart rate meter on your own. This is a very primitive design but it can help me to understand the tech behind heart meters and i can build one for my own. Micro-controller and display circut:                   […]