“4:48 Psyhcosis” by Gizem Darendelioğlu

&4:48 Psychosis by Gizem Darendelio?lu from ekmel ertan on Vimeo This project is about designing an interactive stage for Sarah Kane’s play 4.48 Psychosis. The stage will interact with the performer throughout the play according to players’ body movements. Technically this project combines sound, video and computational visual design. Project Proposal [pdf]

“peephole” by Bike Kefeli

Peep Hole is an interactive installation trying to create a certain amount of curiosity on people in order to direct them to an action where they will try to find out an event that is actually hidden from his/her view. Peep Hole is a new media project to show constant change of power and annoyance […]

“FASS-O-GRAPH” by Zahid Tandoğan

Fass-o-Graph is a 3d visualization infographics project of FASS building where users can gather information and roam freely inside the building without the physical existence in order to get both information about the infrastructure of the faculty and background of the faculty members. Fass-o-graph by Zahid Tando?an from ekmel ertan on Vimeo. Conceptual Description Virtual […]

“Augmented Invitation” by Ilgı Çandar

Poster: Augmented Invitation (pdf) Project_Document (pdf) http://www.ilgicandar.com/deploy/augmented_invitation.html An alternative invitation project using Augmented Reality technology. It is basically a marker and link on it which leads to a website that user can see the context of the invitation and a 3D model of the event area virtually in the screen. The prototype made for Flow/ […]