çağla’s dance…

Defining the project(again)-2

-The background information that I have given in my first proposal draft will be valid for this one too.

-Differently from that one, rather than using someone performing, I want myself performing that choreography. This way I will do something more about me.

Detailed Project Description: This project will be an interactive dance performance combining with the new media. It will include some stages like, choosing the right song or songs for the choreography, some designed visuals which will work with the choreography and combining all these stages with the projection mapping techniques. It will be a 3 or 4 minutes performance according to the song that I will choose.

Required know-now and resources: To create my visuals I will be using Adobe Illustrator, if I want them to animate , I am thinking to use Flash and to make those seen as a video I am planning to use a video editing program which will be After Effects or on other video editing program. Lastly to make all my elements ready to project I will use DMX for preparing my projection mapping.

Defining the project(again)-1

Because that I have changed some parts in my project I guess I have to define my project and other elements again.

Definition of the project: This is an interactive “Hip Hop” dance performance which will include a choreography based on a song and some visuals elements and usage of the projection mapping techniques.

Target audience: Since we also define dance as an art, this project will be an art performance which combined with new media. My target audience will be galleries for using the project for exhibitions and show business platforms.

Goals & objectives: With this project I will try to make it a dance performance which we might be seen in galleries. Because there are some examples that people used some dance types for exhibitions such as contemporary dance but I haven’t seen Hip Hop dance performed in this way.

Defining the project (again)-3

Difficulties & Risks: To make all the elements of the project work  with each other will be the biggest risk for me. Because I have to arrange everything according to minutes and seconds. If they don’t combine properly nothing seems organized and this project would be a failure. Also making a choreography and learning it (if I will be the performer I have to learn) will take some time. Apart from these learning and the using of the softwares that I want to use will be an other challenge for me. There has to be lots of trials that I have to do.

Criteria of Success: At the end of the project if everything that designed and worked on will work properly and if I have no problems with the projection, I will consider my project as successful.

Change of Plans

As it is known in my project I am going to do an interactive dance performance but instead of creating visuals which were going to be done according to he concept of song lyrics and projected to the screen, I am planning to make this project with projection mapping now. Because I figured that for me, creating visuals with using that certain programs would be a big challenge since I have not that much knowledge about this programs. I will still be creating visual elements of course but not as a “main character” of my project.

To create the things in my mind, I will prepare a “set” in a room for to be projected and for the things which are going to be projected, to create them, I will be using Illustrator to design the environmental elements, maybe some rough human sketches can be added that I can animate on(maybe using stop motion). For mapping everything I have searched mapping programs such as Isadora, Madmapper, Modul8 and DMX. But they need registration to save a project except DMX so I am planning to use this program for mapping.

We have seen this video before but it is a good example of what I am trying to do now and I thought it would be better to remember.

Proposal – Background info/draft 1

Background information


I personally dance since I was a child. I had experiences in some fields of dance so far and enjoyed a lot every one of them. I have started to dance hip hop for 6 years and this dance type makes me fulfilled with joy, satisfaction and relaxation. For this reasons I chose my project around this subject because I wanted to do something interests me so I won’t be get bored when I am doing the project.


This project is going to be used for dance shows. With this project I will be focusing on the problem of how song’s lyrics and choreographies can be visualized by using new design techniques. I see this as a “problem” to be solved because in hip hop dance there are some “bias” that this type of dance cannot have a purpose or a meaning. But people who are familiar with this subject may know that, there is a culture called ‘hip-hop culture’. In addition, when I say: “ I do hip-hop” to some people around me don’t even know that means. So that is the other reason that I am involving dance to my project, to show how hip-hop dance can be done.


When I start to do my projects I will have some challenges due to learning some new software to visualize some images or conceptual drawings by projecting the scene or my dancer friend and I will have some difficulties when we try to arrange the movements according to the visuals on the scene. Because, all moves have to be done in the exact time of the song that we want to catch the exact matching.


Learning a new software or how to programming may seen as a obstacle but to achieve this project I know that I have to learn and practice them and they won’t be seen as an obstacle for me because I really want to make this project real. Also learning this software and programming will gain me more knowledge about this type of design projects. In this project I will be working with hip-hop songs, dances and visuals arranged according to them. So I have to come up with some conceptual, imaginary thoughts to make the “dance show” more interesting and exiting. That’s why I think this project also will improve my imagination because I want to create something never done or thought before, I hope I would be able to achieve that.

Project Proposal draft 1

Project Definition

My project aims to combine dance and new media which is going to be done with using a dancer and a dancing routine and according to this routine visuals are going to be projected to the screen.

Target audience/user

Since this project will be a kind of dance show, anyone who has interest in the field of dance, especially hip hop, can be able to watch, participate and enjoy. But if we have to specify an age range, it would be something 17 to 30.


Getting somewhere…

Last week in class, we discussed about possible projects could be done about dance in digital design/media and we talked about creating a dance crew with only one person. I did some research and found some examples about this idea and I think I am getting somewhere. Although I am still trying to figure out the techniques or softwares that they had used. Actually I have to mention that, in these videos they didn’t use only one person, they used several people with laser clothes or lights I guess. But what I want to do is the “pop up” thing when they are dancing. These are just to show how my project will look like. Here are some video samples;