Cansu’s project

Creating a loop

Continuing with Max/MSP part of my project, my next goal was creating a loop with specific positions and timings of my png sequence. I was already able to move the png sequence where i want on the plane, but this time i had to go in a more organizing way otherwise it was getting complicated. […]


For the last two-three weeks, i was working on my animations. After designing and coloring the characters, i had to study on the movements on animals such as seacow, seahorse, jellyfish etc. Firstly, i started to create my animation by drawing frames in photoshop, but later i moved on to Adobe Flash. Because with the […]

Png As Texture

Another crucial thing for my project is to know how to show an animation in Max/MSP. Because the children will be playing with the animation and interact with the character. First of all, what i can do was to save my frames of the animation as pngs and import these pngs as a texture of […]