Visual Stuff

After finishing the audio analyzing part I started to learn Jitter and try to create visuals for my project.   Fist I started with a single dot changing size according to the amplitude.   Then I drew the dot as a sphere using max’s openGL features.   After that I increased the object quantity to […]

Jitter and OpenGL

Jitter, a software package first made available in 2002 by Cycling ’74, enables the manipulation of multidimensional data in the context of the Max programming environment. An image can be conve- niently represented by a multidimensional data ma- trix, and indeed Jitter has seen widespread adoption as a format for manipulating video, both in non- […]

Spectrum Analysis

By analyzing the sequences of samples and the data contained therein, information can be extracted and plotted on a graph as a spectrum. A general definition of spectrum is “a measure of the distribution of signal energy as a function of frequency”. More simply stated, spectrum is “the combination of the frequencies and their amplitudes that […]


The most important part of the digital audio representation process is sampling. The samples are measures of the original signal taken at certain equal intervals of time. They are stored as binary numbers. The values of the sampled waveforms are joined by the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a smoothing filter that ‘connects the dots’ between the discrete samples to […]