Demir Uyar

About myself

At  the age of 10 I  started playing the guitar. Which eventually became a big part of my life. I also play instruments including Drums, Bass guitar and Turkish folkloric instruments. Every month me and my friends gather together to play some good old blues. I’m also a huge car enthusiast. I enjoy at looking at every line. Curve, angle of an automobile. I also take part in racing series



Actually I’m not sure of what to do yet. For years             I have dreamed of building the best guitar in the world. I have read hundreds of books about building the perfect guitar. But never actually tried to build one.  I want to put everything that I have learned in to this guitar including typography, gestalt, design etc..



I really liked the work of Ala Younis work titled ’Tin soldiers’  the fine line between art and politics was very evident.For me it was just not about the middle east. To me it resembled the aggression of Jerusalem based religions compared to other religions including pagans and shamans.

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