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Mert Süha Öner Project Proposal

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VA401 Project Proposal


Project Definition

“Untitled” is an interactive comic where user can change the flow of the story


Objectives & Goals

This project’s main goal is entartainment. It should create a suitable environment for users to have fun but at the same time make them understand that the main theme of the comic; how we can achieve the change we want only with ourselves.


Target Audience/User


Basically all computer users  but specificky educated computer users between 15 and 30 year olds.


Background Information

Before i came with the “Untitled” Project, i was thinking of a Project where i would be able to create illustrations, animations, video, games, and maybe a little bit of music.  I was trying to find a clever way to do all of them, then i thought of my comics and think to convert it to something interactive and digital. By combining both i created an interactive comic where i would be able get a platform to continue illustrating and drawing, and at the same time start to animate them and even use music.


The main challenge is to create a comic book. I have red comic books but i have never done a comic book before. Making a comic book is different than anything i did untill this time. It is unusual  because it’s a sequental  frame by frame art and every frame should be created specifically in order to communicate correctly to the reader. The frame should contain the correct moment of that time interval. On the other hand,  a story, a script is needed to create the comic book. And in this script characters contain noticable importance to be succesfull. So, another topic is creating a character.


Character design is one of the fundamental concepts for artist.  When i take a look at animations, comics, games and cinema one of the crucial points of them is the characters they have created. Creating a succesfull character plays anextremely important role in the animation or game etc. For example lets take a look at the game called “Angry Birds”, i think their success depends on the characters they designed. The concept of creating an angry bird is what makes it catchy. They are succesfull characters with draws our attention. To create a succesfull comicbook basically one need to have a good character design skills.


Lastly because I’m making an interactive comic, i’m using a new digital platform which i’m new to and i will be learning to use that medium too.

To sum up with creating an interactive comic I will be developing my character design skills, illustration skills, story/script writings skills and the medium i will be using for it.


There are interactive comics books around the web but most of the time, interactive comic books don’t let user to interactively do anything. They just let the user fastforward or pause and things like that. For example here is a example of a interactive macbeth comic;

Here is an another example;

Here is an another example of an interactive comic;

This is a different one an interactive tale;

Another one;


Most of the comic companies like Marvel and DC Comics started to do motion comics. Motion comics are animated versions of the comic books with sound. Becuase the media is changing comic publishing companies have started to create different style of comics. Here are some examples;

Batman motion comic;

Watchmen motion comic;

Infamous motion comic;

Some TV series have motion comics;


Detailed Project Description


“Untitled” will create an entertaining and dynamic environment for a user by letting the user control and handle events and change the flow of the story. It’s a multi branched story within the one main story under the user control which is basically linear and out of control. This way user will find himself/herself in this different situations.


“Untitled” is about superhero who uses his abilities and skills in exchange of money like a proffession. He is a superhero who doesn’t get any feeling of necessity to save the world every second and try to turn it to a beter place. He thinks and acts like a businessman. He makes himself available to earn a lot of great money. At some point our hero finds himself under the pressure of the society, the world want him to act as a typical superhero and save the world. At this moment he decides to teach people that they don’t need a hero to turn world in a better place. He asks himself the question should i be a superhero and save the world or should i continue as usual to make my statement clear to everyone out there in the world? This is point where the user gets to change the flow of the story. As the user chooses one of the paths; good or evil, then the rest of the story continues as it is. There 2 alternative endings in the story. If the user chooses good side at the beginning  the story ends as our hero cursing and wishing he choosed the evil side at the beginning and become rich, comfortable and don’t give a shit about a thing because the world is still the same place, he keeps rescuing and helping but nothing is changing and he is not getting anything. The second ending is available when the user chooses evil side and continue doing business with his abilities, become very rich and powerfull but at the end he sees himself as a con man becuase he abused his powers, caused corruptions. It ends as he is wishing he had choosen the good side and help the world.


Required know-how and Resources

Adobe Flash

Some resources on comic books;

Steve McCloud’s Making Comics and Understanding Comic

Will Eisner’s Theory of Comic & Sequantal Art


Phases of the Project

Writing a script

Drawing frames of the comic


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