Project Proposal Template


project definition
brief definition of the features and outcomes of the project


goals & objectives
explain what the project will achieve?
Goals are broad, general and abstract.
Objectives represent steps toward accomplishing a goal.
A goal can have more than one objective.
Objectives are narrow, concrete, and measurable.
(itemizing is a good practice for this section)


target audience/user
define target audience and requisites accordingly


background information
Why and how did you come up with this project?
What problems will be solved or addressed by realizing the project?
What are your challenges?
What will you gain by working on it?


What are the related topics in other disciplines?


What are the similar projects, web sites, art works, etc?


(sorry but please not less then 500 words)


detailed project description
write detailed description of the project.
regarding the project, sub headers might go in this section i.e. synopsis, working structure, etc.


scope of the project
explain what will be covered and what will not.




required know-how and resources


needed know-how and abilities


needed resources (information, experience, people, etc)


h/w needs, s/w needs, other




difficulties & risks
what are the significant risks to the successful completion of this project?


phases of the project
divide project into smaller steps and list them


criteria of success
explain the phases that will be completed by the end of this term
explain the criteria to judge the success of the project


project schedule
GANTT CHART (inc. WBS and PERT CHART) we will do this next week in the class.


bibliography and references
all the sources (including web sites) that helped you during the research and production will be listed here.




va402 project proposal

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