zeynep proposal

Project definition

Creating a shoe which will have leds ( in transparent heels or in the fabric). The colors and speed of flashing will be changeable according to rhythm of music.


Background information

Why and how did you come up with this project?

I decided to be in fashion business very long time ago but I changed my mind and became a vacd student, but in 3th year I understood that I still have an interest and my future job has to be something related to fashion. After my internship decided to be a shoe designer and this is the reason of why I want to design interactive shoes. So, I searched for Led’s use in different designs like clothing, jewelers, furniture etc and I found Eurovision show which they used led dress that leds flashes according to rhythm of music and this was interesting and enjoyable. Dress seemed more elegant when it gives the feeling of music.

What problems will be solved or addressed by realizing the project?

Creating an interactive shoe will provide us to perceive the object more than a daily wearable object. Using the system which companies used in children sneakers to attract them for selling product can be used in a part of design and can have a different purpose

What are your challenges?

Nowadays we don’t see many lighted adult shoes when we walk or in somewhere because it might look childish. I believe that if led’s add something in design, makes it more attractive and elegant when the lights out it would not be childish anymore. So, the design will be important in my project where to put leds, how will they change, which colors should I use is important in success. Also I need to learn how to connect leds and adjust it to sensitive to music. Because of this reason I searched in instructables.com and had an idea even if I still cannot completely understand it. The instructions that I searched was mostly about the leds connected to somewhere like car, pc etc.. I will be trying to apply it to my project.

What will you gain by working on it?


What are the related topics in other disciplines?

This system was used on dresses which they used Led or EL wire system. Some of them used in just design purpose some of them were interactive like sensitive to music, emotions, pressure etc.


What are the similar projects, web sites, art works, etc?














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