Project Definition

My project will be the creation of an entertaining and fantastical journey in an elevator, which includes an interactive mirror. Therefore, the aim of the project is giving a different experience to people in a short time during the journey.


Background Information

I was influenced by a work “Elevator from the Subcontinent” in Venice Biennale in which an atmosphere was created in a small room. Visuals flowing down on the wall combined with sounds and movement gives the feeling of upward movement of an elevator. It was really impressive and made me to think about a real interactive elevator. Actually, I was also inspired from another project of mine I did in a photography class last year. It was a typology project which shows people how they spend their time in the elevator.

I think the elevator is a vehicle in which people spend their time just 10-20 seconds, staring at either the floor, or the wall and the time slows down for them. People stop communicating with each other and stand quietly waiting to reach the floor or if there is a mirror inside the elevator, they are looking to their appearances in the mirror. Hence, in this project, I want to use the elevator like a ‘game box’ and take people on an entertaining and fantastic journey with the elevator by using an interactive mirror.


I’ve done my researches on interactive elevator and mirror and here are some examples;








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  1. I loved the context, i also appreciate the way you observed, researched&decided on and explained it. After reading the first step of your proposal, it feels like you have become very much integrated with it. I personally am very much curious about this project! kolay gelsin 🙂

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