Melis Balcı Proposal

My proposal proposals.

Project Definition

A project about the state’s control over the people’s life’s and behaviors.

Objectives & Goals

To make people think about the authority in their normal lives and the unseen pressure of it on them. With this project I want this unseen factor to be seen and irritate the audience.

Background Information
People have to obey some rules, because the needs and functioning of the society is totally different from the individual needs. To live in a society, society members have to make some sacrifices. But in time, this sacrifices turned into some obligations. No matter where they were born in, every people have to follow some rules and follow a predefined pattern of lifestyle. They go to school, they have jobs, they dress like others, they live in apartments and etc. The power that society has given to the state had grown. And now this state is interfering too much in our lives. We are recorded on cameras, we are being punished for doing something bad that the stated defined as bad, and even we can’t watch some things because of the censorship.

That is why I may do a project like this. I want the audience to feel the pressure and get uncomfortable when they realize that the eye is following them everywhere.

In my project the authority of the state will be symbolized by a huge eye who is watching us. And the lifestyle that people dream of will be an object in the room and the eye would get angry when we got close to it.

Detailed Project Definition

Project room will be one empty and half dark room. In one side of the wall there will be a huge eye which is following the viewer’s every behavior. There will be an object in the middle of the room which symbolizes utopia or something people want. When the audience get closer to it the eye will get angry and squint to make people see it is angry.

Or I can make the concept more specific and instead of putting an object I can put pictures. For example if one picture is Manet’s Olympia, when the audience look at it the naked subject can escape from the eye. It is the state’s control on the things we want to see, like censorship.

Here is an example of an project. In this one, the point where the audience looked at in the picture is collapsing.


Project Definition

Project about the authority of the teacher in our elementary schools and how it affected our freedom of speech, self-esteem or our behavioursviours in the groups.

Objective & Goals

To make people again feel the pressure, that they had long ago tasted. To think about how they were raised as army man in their childhood. To make people think about how they got used to some fed rules and being supressed it since their childhood.

Background Information

This project would try to show the pressure we are feeling even in our childhood. We are under pressure and we are learning not to question some things in our childhood. We do not even have a chance to explain ourselves. I think this affects our personlatiy and ability to react. Even when we are insulted or we are in a kind of situation that we do not want to be in, we hassitate to react. We can not dare to raise our voices. I think that is why lots of people are in jail with unlogical reasons and we can’t do anything about it.

So I want to do a project to take us back in time and make us remember the cliches of our childhood in school. I want to use some basic teacher sentences that somehow everybody knows to create the pressure and the fear again.

Target Audience

People from the countries with undeveloped education system.

Detailed Project Definition

Project room would be all dark and there will be one light which direct us to our elementary school desk. There would be blackboard and high heel shoe sounds which indicates there is a teacher there. When the audience sit, according to their behaviors the teacher would react. For example is the student talk, the teacher would say “Dikkatli dine burayı!” or “Kime anlatıyorum ben?!”. If the student laughs the teacher would say “Niye gülüyorsun biz söyle biz de gülelim!”


Project Definiton

Project about the people’s understanding of beauty in 21st century with the effect of the media.

Objective & Goal

To make people think that have can media change their perception on beauty.

Background Information

The media and the advertisement sector created a new understanding of beauty. We see everywhere the “perfect looks” We see in the advertisements that women are all “beautiful” looking fragile and passive. That advertisement tell us that the beauty is that. Even though we know that nobody can achieve that looks, we still wish to look like them. We call people ugly or beautiful according to the definition that somebody elses had created. This project would show why we are forced to like small noses, big eyes, big lips, thin bodies. And maybe it would show the obsession of 21st century women about obeying this understanding of beauty.

Detailed Project Definition

There will be a face of a woman made out of clay. I want to use sound samples of toys like Barbies. The face would say “Hey come and make be look beautiful.” Then the audience will play with her mouth size, nose size. Everytime she would comment and say “Make my nose look smaller!” “Make my eyes look bigger!”

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