I did my first attempt to make the eyeball part of the sculpture. After some discussions and brain-storming, best solution for the mechanism was to use an universal joint and make the sculpture turn around on its center by the use of step motor and sticks.

Then I had to decide the lightest material for the eyeball’s appearance. First, the best solution we could find was to make it out of thin metal strips and cover it with fabric. But after I talked with Kemal Abi, we decided on styrofoam instead of metal sticks.

Thursday I cut, arranged and pasted the blocks. It takes 12 hours the glue to set up so I had to wait.

On Friday, we started to shape it. It took the whole day. Then I had to make a hole behind the eyeball because that way it would be lighter and there would be a place to set up the mechanism.
In this photo I’m just posing because somebody has to hold the ball, so that the other one can cut with the machine.

On Monday Kemal Abi started doing something similar to universal joint. Because he said we did not need to buy an universal joint. Because he said, he had done that before and he could do it again. We did the mold with clay then we did the polyester. I was still shaping the styrofoam on Monday. And since there were lots of people in the studio- who are making themselves a coach- we slowed down. Also, we had to help Beren, too.

Polyester was not the best solution because of the friction, it is not something smooth. We placed it in the center of the eyeball on Tuesday, but the metal stick inside the polyester which connects the eyeball to the wall got out of the polyester joint that Kemal Abi did.

Besides, it could not even turn 30 degrees. So we had to find a new solution.

P.s: Scent of the polyester makes you vomit.

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