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Genealogy of Perfumes

Perfumes – just like food, music or wine – can be classified into groups, and this gives you a framework which is very useful when choosing a perfume for yourself or for others. Without it, describing fragrances is difficult. Imagine going into a shop to buy some music, and not knowing the difference between Pop, Classical and Jazz – you would have quite a problem!

The Cotswold Perfumery sells colour charts that show a list the brand name fragrances set out vertically in date order, and horizontally by the all important CLASSIFICATION OF PERFUMES. The charts have ladies fragrances on one side
and mens on the other.

To use them you first find your favourite fragrance from the index on the chart, then by looking at the heading, you can see which classification of perfume suits you best. Now, the next time someone asks you which perfumes you like, you can give them an informed reply, and maybe help to stop the thousands of perfumes which are purchased as presents at
Christmas time that are wrong!

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