Back to the start

I cannot work with Kemal Abi anymore. I went to the studio on Thursday he said he was too busy and he told me to come on Friday. I went there on Friday, and he said they were going to go to a factory with M. Bishop’s class. So I had to wait whole weekend because he had to lock the doors. I went there Monday morning. But I couldn’t guess that the plaster would become so hard during those days. And when Kemal Abi started to put out the plaster, the eyeball broke into the pieces.

And I told him to do it all over again. But he didn’t accept he believed that we could repair it.

Then I spend my hours cleaning it. But the result was a disaster. It looked so bad. So from now on I quit trusting Kemal Abi, and I won’t work with him.

My father’s friend said he can help me. I went there to talk him. I can work with his workers and machines at the weekend.

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