The project already began with a wide range of research on the subjects of destruction and aestheticisim, reaching to the very past philosophy and literature of the subject and its appearances in the contemporary world. Research and reading is both an initial phase and a continuous one in this project. I will continuously be reading several thesis and literature works I’ve found on the subject along with the practice of the project.

Once the scope is fully determined, a prototype of the project will be worked out before stepping into the final version. Initially a story will be written for the flow of the animation and a storyboard will be constructed besides. As I have already decided upon the aesthetic aspect of the visual, I will start with the animation. Synchronically I should be thinking about how to relate the out of frame daily objects to the parts of the animation. Then I am planning to make a prototype of the prototype to experiment the manipulation of an image via using camera and coding on a different video environment, using VVVV or ICON copyrighted by Frieder Weiss for his Perceivable bodies project, to try different methods of interactivity with the visuals.

Yet again before all, I should decide upon which scripting environment I’m going to work with and learn about it. My next phase will be visiting the electronics lab in the campus to gain some know-how about implementing sensors within the objects I’ve chosen and experimenting with that very knowledge. I believe that as I get to learn more about the technical issues, I will be building upon this primary version of the project, perhaps ending up with a more satisfactory result. In order to work in systematically and harmoniously, I should make a very detailed chart plan for each week I’m going to spend on this project, in order to chase my progress to avoid last-minute matters.


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