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The fact that “death” is being presented with “cold” leads to the fluent construction of an aesthetic that is already placed in out minds. Death and all other destructions are being so aestheticised, in time, pleasure becomes an inevitable and irresistable insanity. Recently I’ve been reading about the extinction of elephants and several reasons that are both caused by their nature and the human nature. The fact that we could be the last generation to see elephants in flesh was terrifying enough for me. My major concern was not a boom against the survival of the fittest in the real environment we currently live in, rather the out of reach changes in our contemporary world that rendered the “destruction” as a past subject, deceiving the human mind through an aestheticised contemporary world.

Innovation became irresistible at any parcel of life; first the buildings grew up, replacing the medium sized buildings with skyscrapers, then the daily tools changed for several, and the gap grew within and in between individuals and groups; both physically and ideologically.

As technology grew stronger, the world began to evolve into a more robotic one. The contemporary reality became a simulation of the past and human mind forces human body to be immersed in this new environment. Compatibility became an issue, and one more thing is left for human to understand, and that is that he is the subject of this drama.

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