Further into Video Mapping

Video mapping can be done to an object/objects or a space. It is basically redesigning what you see so that the audience is a part of the space, interacting with it. The way I will do will be inside a room rather than outdoor and I project my visuals on specific objects. There are two ways of doing it; one is you basically project any visual you find or have and the surfaces of the objects become your projector screen. Another way is to use masks which will be in my project. You take a photograph of the space you’re going to use, with the objects inside and create masks to the places you’re going to change. For example one surface of a cube. This masking can be done in many software, I’ll use Photoshop. Then comes the animation/video/ film that will be on the masked areas. It doesn’t have any specific software so if I do my animation in after effects I can use same program for mapping. As I get into searching video mapping I see that the techniques or the programs are not the problem but the creativity and the artistic vision is more important.

http://videomapping.org/ is a nice source for starters.

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