Piano education

I played piano for almost 10 years and i still have troubles remembering some notes as i play. I believe the reason behind that is my first piano education. My first piano teacher never made me look at the notes while i tried to play. She made me memorize the songs so i never tried to memorize the notes…


I want to create an application for kids at the age of 8-15. In this application first as they launch it, its going to ask them if they want to watch the tutorial video. If they choose no, they will launch the exercise part. The songs will be the classics but reduced for children. Much more easy. On the screen the child will see the notes for the song he/she chooses and there is the keyboard underneath it. The song that they choose will play automatically so that they will listen to it and learn the melody. As the notes pass he/she try to press the right key in order to create the song. If they press the wrong key they will hear a sound of an animal or a very disturbing sound-i havent decided yet.



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