Influential Videos

The problem about my project is that I know the technique that I’m going to use but use it on what. For that I started finding videos I like and questioning why I like them. Here are some examples;

this video is the best mapping I’ve ever seen. It combines live person mapping with handmade animations, music and light. Everything, every move and visual combines within the video and the outcome is very influential.

This video is again very influential. We see a contrabass that is played and touched by light not a person playing. The esthetic shape of the instrument is given precisely by close up lighting of the the curves it has. The synchronization of music and light makes the video very interesting.

We see a sculpture that is video mapped. It is different because in mapping usually we see forms that we are used to; like cubes, prisms etc. In this we see an unusual form that is being video mapped and the meaning of it becomes very subjective like an art piece rather than being able to use video mapping technique.


After watching and questioning the similarities in these videos I understand that I like to combine light, visuals and sound to create an non existing ‘space’. This space can consist of lights that we don’t see everyday. For example we see a music instrument beeing played but when we combine it light effects projected on the sound and the visuality of the object becomes much entertaining to watch. By being able to use light sound and visual together, the outcome will be like a 2-3 mintue show. For combining I’ll use the video mapping technique because I want to learn how and the newest technology for artificial reality is this.

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