Project Proposal Draft1

Project definition

This project is about combining sound, visuals and light in a closed small room-like place to create a virtual world for the viewers for couple of minutes. With the optic illusions and the visuals the viewers will have sense that they are not in an empty white room.

Goals & Objectives

This project aims to create an illusion of a non-existing place where the sound and the visuals that are present act according to each other in a sensible way. The main goal is to make the viewer feel like he/she is a part of the space and make them to response in a good way. For that making good quality and genuine ideas behind the visuals that will be shown is an important objective.

Target Audience/User

Since the project will be a room installation, the target audience relies on the space it will be installed. When we simplify the usage and say that the visuals can be screened on any white surface and the light and the sound can be added easily, the target audience is everyone who just wants to give a break from the real life and enjoy the world that I have created. Every individual will be left alone to get what they want from the installation. The critical point will be the sound and the visuals which will be used. So the target can specialized to 15-60 year range that enjoys electronic music and attracted to digitalized light and projection visuals.

Required know-how and resources

For the project I need to be able to visualize the ideas that I want to give or the feelings I want the viewers to get. That requires a developed visual perception and experience. If I want the viewer to feel happy or sad I need to be able to choose the right sound or light effect. After that, I need to be able to use the proper technology for the project. For example I need to learn which camera, projector, paint is suitable for the project and also which of the software’s are more useful. Since video mapping is a new area that is being evolving, the right kind of resources are not easy to find so making I good research about how to doing video mapping is important also.

Difficulties & risks

The main difficulty in this project is to combine sound and the visuals projected according to my taste and get appreciated or get understood what my aim is by the audience. That is the artistic difficulty and risk of the project. Another challenge is to be able to create the ideas in my mind in to virtual world. It is mainly about how well you use the software for the methods you are going to use. In this case I need to be able to use 3-D modelling software. It doesn’t have specific software but any software allows you to create masks and animate the masked places like Adobe After Effects, Modul8, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Flash.


Phases of the project

-Doing a research on artificial reality, digital narrating and 3-D video mapping

-Create or chose the lights/shapes/illustrations/pictures/videos that will be projected according to an idea

-Arrange the transitions and the order of the visuals chosen

-Decide on the objects that will be placed and mapped inside the room

-Decide the song/sound most suitable with the animations that will be projected on the masked surfaces

-Learn the software’s and start creating visuals that will be projected

-Project the visuals carefully to the actual objects

-Show the final sound, visuals and light combination to the viewers


Criteria of success

My project depends on the quality of the combination of the elements: sound, visuals and light. The aim here is to create a room which is plain white and same to every eye and then start the action to create an artificial environment. If I can be able to create the exact room that I imagined and the exact atmosphere that I planned, the project will be successful according to me. The sharpness of the transitions between mapped lights with the music is also very important criteria because it will determine if it’s just a fun 3 minute show or a digital art piece. If the phases of the project will be done exactly

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