Project proposal draft 1

Project Definiton

This project is an interface design of an application to be used with ipads only, it is to teach people how to play the piano in a fun and easy way. Not only it would teach them how to play the piano but also it will teach them how to read the notes while enjoying.


Goals and Objectives

The goal of this project is basically to teach. Piano has one the most beautiful sound when compared to other instruments. In order to make it accessable for not only the people who has the actual piano at home or who goes to places that has pianos for them to play, but also for those who not only can afford to buy the piano itself but also pay the teacher. The goal of this project is to make the player happy, not to bore them but to encourage them always.


Target Audience / User

The target audience for this project can not exactly be defined by age but there is ofcourse a limit to it. The target audiences start from the age of 6 and goes until forever. However the main target audience is every single person who knows how to read and write and who is willing to learn atleast something. As a result my target user and audience can be indicated as the ages of 6-onward, who likes music, determined  to and capable of learning.


Background Information

I started to play piano since i was 6 years old. My first instrument was an org. I remember my parents buying it to me as a christmas gift. They also found me someone who could teach me how to play it. My first piano teacher taught me how to play piano from memorisation. I never actually learned how to read the notes or how to write them. I believe it was a very big mistake. As i grew up i got my first real piano and i had a real conservatory teacher who tried to change my way of learning but he could only change it very little. That is why i think learning anything for the first time is the most important period because we learn new things everyday but we never forget the first times. In this project i dont want anyone regret their first time learning to play the piano.


 Difficulties and risks

I believe it is going to be extremely difficult to write the codes of this application. Designing the application wouldn’t challenge me as much as writing the codes would. I will be creating something i always thought of as how do people do it.


Phases of the project

Making a deep research on how to write codes of an ipad application.

Creating objects for the design of the application.

Deciding on the name and then creating the logo of the application.

Deciding on the design of the application.

Making the design of the application.

Learn to use Adobe Flash.

Make an animation of the application on Adobe Flash with.







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