Usage of projection/book art

The main struggle in my project is to find a starting point or a story to start shaping the idea beneath the visuals, sounds etc. For this thinking is a bit boring and for me very hard to expand so I decided to see to what extend video mapping/projection is used so far in art and technology word. I’ve seen many examples of video mapping yet the idea is similar in many of them. So I searched for different examples video mapping is used for so that i can be much more creative when shaping my own project.

There’s this book art video very new way of narrating. This is again done with mapping and projection and they define the project and themselves like this; “The Icebook – the world’s first projection mapped pop-up book. An exquisite experience of fragile paper cutouts and video projections that sweep you right into the heart of a fantasy world. It is an intimate and immersive experience of animation, book art and performance.
For more information on the making of and the artists please visit:”

Making a 2d system, a book, a 3d projected world is very new and inspiring way of creativity. People are available to turn the pages like a traditional book yet with projection it turns out to be a animation.

You can find the video here:

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