Change of Plans

As it is known in my project I am going to do an interactive dance performance but instead of creating visuals which were going to be done according to he concept of song lyrics and projected to the screen, I am planning to make this project with projection mapping now. Because I figured that for me, creating visuals with using that certain programs would be a big challenge since I have not that much knowledge about this programs. I will still be creating visual elements of course but not as a “main character” of my project.

To create the things in my mind, I will prepare a “set” in a room for to be projected and for the things which are going to be projected, to create them, I will be using Illustrator to design the environmental elements, maybe some rough human sketches can be added that I can animate on(maybe using stop motion). For mapping everything I have searched mapping programs such as Isadora, Madmapper, Modul8 and DMX. But they need registration to save a project except DMX so I am planning to use this program for mapping.

We have seen this video before but it is a good example of what I am trying to do now and I thought it would be better to remember.

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