Defining the project(again)-2

-The background information that I have given in my first proposal draft will be valid for this one too.

-Differently from that one, rather than using someone performing, I want myself performing that choreography. This way I will do something more about me.

Detailed Project Description: This project will be an interactive dance performance combining with the new media. It will include some stages like, choosing the right song or songs for the choreography, some designed visuals which will work with the choreography and combining all these stages with the projection mapping techniques. It will be a 3 or 4 minutes performance according to the song that I will choose.

Required know-now and resources: To create my visuals I will be using Adobe Illustrator, if I want them to animate , I am thinking to use Flash and to make those seen as a video I am planning to use a video editing program which will be After Effects or on other video editing program. Lastly to make all my elements ready to project I will use DMX for preparing my projection mapping.

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