More examples

This video is where i get solid ideas how to make my project become real. Audio/video playback, zoom and rotation, video clips, contrast and saturation, multiple video sources can be controllled in the animation. He did the animation in after effects and altered them by using max/msp/jitter, midi and maxi-patch:

This is an augmented reality game for children. They can actually get inside of the storybook and get involved with it. This project is quite related to my project since it is using Kinect and focusing on children and it is a game like my project. It can also help me define the age interval for my target audience. In this case, they are focusing on kids who are 4 to 6 years old:

And also i have found this very recent exhibition from Moma. It is called ‘Century of the Child’ and i think it can help me building a concept for my interactive game and making it something more than just a game:

Here you can find information about the exhibition:

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