User Generated Content

As we decided last week in the class, my project web site will be based on user-generated content. When user will complete the whole questionnaire, will be asked to write the favourite holiday destinations that went before with his/her personal information like name, surname, gender etc.

So, according to that user’s tourist profile, his or her favourite holiday destinations will be added to the recommended holiday destinations list of the same tourist profiles. In this way, people will see other holiday destinations, which are recommended by the other people at the same tourist profile like him/her.

This week I did some researches about what does it mean user generated content web site and how people use it. User generated content refers to any data or media that is contributed by individual users of a web site; it is also called consumer- generated media or user-created content. It became popular during 2005, when web publishing and new media content production circles were on the rise. Today, user generated content has become very popular. Some of the most frequently visited sites on the Internet are primarily user generated.

All digital media technologies are included in user-generated content, such as question-answer databases, digital video, blogging, podcasting, forums, review-sites, social networking, social media, mobile phone photography and wikis.

Wikipedia is one of the good examples of user generated content web site, because in this web site anyone can write an article with sufficient expertise. Other users may evaluate the content, suggest changes, or even make changes. No author is paid for contributions to Wikipedia, which makes this type of user generated content distinct from other types. For example, blog sites, where users can blog about any topic, bloggers can have some profits according to number of people who visit his/her web site. The percentage of profits varies from site to site.

Similar to Wikipedia is the now intensely popular YouTube. However, it should be stated that not all content on YouTube is user generated since it may infringe on copyrights by using songs or video clips that are protected by copyright laws. It may use previously recorded professional material, as with scoring, or in video remixes.

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