Choices Review #1

Some of us believe that life is full of choices. I also do believe that it is. I think that choices are the urges that push us to continue or finish the sequences that we have been creating in our lives. In order to understand how important the choices are we have to understand the moment of deciding. Conscience on these decisive moments helps us to realize our lives and the outcomes of the upcoming future. The future, which would be shaped by the instant decisions that we have made.

I would like to share some examples from movies that include this topic: The Choices. ‘Thelma and Louise’ is a movie about two women who are tired of being bullied, conned and sexually abused or harassed. The movie uncovers two known but unreported secrets about woman. 1. The ties of womanhood, being stronger than any male/female relationship. 2. The violence in woman life. Having no mercy. Anger towards men. In the last scene of this movie, after the crimes that they have committed Thelma and Louise are deciding together on their faith.

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