Mobile Design Development Tools

The MobiForms Developer is a revolutionary rapid application development tool for creating mobile apps for just about any wireless platform including Tablet, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Symbian, Google Android and now Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Write once and deploy to multiple platforms.


In the enterpise development community many developers are used to using highly productive tools such as Oracle Developer, PowerBuilder or even Visual Basic. Mobile developers have traditionally had no alternative but to learn low level programming languages such as Java and C with hundreds of difficult commands and syntax.
With low level languages such as Java and C it can take days or even weeks to create usable applications. MobiForms solves this problem by doing the low level programming for you. You direct MobiForms with an intuitive graphical drag and drop interface using rapid application development principles. Applications can be developed in minutes instead of days. MobiForms creates and uses the simple Forms Mark-up Language (FML) files instead of complex JAR or APK files.

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