Making a Viral Video

Here are basic ways of making a viral video. Which is related to my project since the outcome will be a recorded video of the performance. Steps 5 and 6 is related to my subject. I want the viewers to get surprised and get under the illusion of ‘is that real’ for few seconds and using video mapping which is not common technique supports the idea of making it viral.

1) Create lots of videos.  Simply put, the more videos you produce, the greater your chances that one of them will go viral. Think of it this way, if you’re flipping a coin and are looking for a run of 10 heads in a row, it may happen in your first 50 flips, but if you flipped the coin 1,000 times, there’s a far greater chance it’ll happen.  The same logic applies here.

2) Create lots of funny videos. If you’ve never had to have an uncomfortable night where one of your friends “invites” you to their stand up routine on open mic night, consider yourself spared—I’ve come to the realization that everyone on this planet has an inner desire to be funny–no matter how inherently un-funny they are.  Luckily for us, things like Facebook walls give people the opportunity to entertain with humor, even if they didn’t write the material.  So, if you can’t actually be funny, you can, and will want to, share what’s funny.

3) Create videos that automatically seed themselves within communities and fan bases. Hives of enthusiasts for everything from RoboCop to Glass Blowing are everywhere and rabidly engaged–if you give them some content that plays to their fanaticism, either negatively or positively, chances are that they’ll be seeding the content and posting it everywhere for you.

4) Exploit parody laws – There’s a reason that Weird Al has 7 Platinum Albums on his wall.   Your lawyer might not sleep much while this is happening but parodies consistently outperform completely original content. Parodying something popular lets you ride existing popularity and, as a bonus, gives your content long tail shelf life. [EXAMPLE – Twitter/Social Network Parody]

5) Holy s**t–is that real?  Creating a discussion as to a piece of media’s authenticity can cause a stir and a lot of shares online.  Relativity Media did this to great success with the Times Square Billboard Hack Video it created to promote the release of Limitless this spring.  Before that, HiTec Sports created some brilliant YouTube slight of hand with this Liquid Mountaineering Video.

6) Showcase techniques such as miniatures, stop motion, time lapse, action figures, and Legos.  People love visually compelling content and one way to create it is to experiment with filmmaking techniques to try and show people something they haven’t seen before.  Videos that are unexpected get people excited and foster a “saw it first” mentality. [EXAMPLE – “Gulp“, the world’s largest stop motion video by Nokia]

7) Play with memes – they’re like the internet’s greatest underground hits – but, timing, and the ability to act quickly is crucial – by now, planking might feel as overplayed as Black Dog on FM radio, but if you catch on to something new like the Honey Badger or Chuck Testa and can act quickly to people at the right time, you’ve got a chance at some resonance.

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