Project Definition

This project is an installation that intends to arise ideas over life. It aims to urge people to question the choices that we make everyday in our lives. The project focuses on the idea of ‘being the decision maker’ in life. In order to complete this mission it reconstruct the biological data, pulse-rate, collected from humans to a digital determiner that controls video sequences. The environment of this project designed to increase the effect of the installation and decided to be a ‘tomb’. ‘The tomb’ where most of the people believed to be rested afterlife and judged by their choices. The installation keeps the idea of tomb but creates an atmosphere where people can grow ideas about themselves and footages while they are still alive.


Goals & Objectives

The project has several goals about its concept.


-It tries to convince audience that they are not in connection with outer world for two minutes.


-It forces the audience to explore their feelings towards life by screening several videos that has been shot by me.


-It aims to remind audience visually that they are choosing the videos by using a flashlight that flickers according the volunteer’s heart rate. This part of the project suggests audience to become the ‘decision maker’ of their own lives.


-The project aims to direct volunteers to criticize the videos and make them realize that the videos are actually reflect their own lives and choices. So it wants people to become the judges of their own lives and choices.


-By using extreme close ups, wide-angle shots and different viewpoints project tries to have sophisticated visual elements that aims to form feelings among volunteers.

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