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In MySQL, the goal is to store information in a order way. To provide data in a order way, MySQL use tables. Each MySQL database table consist of rows and columns. The columns specify the type of data, whereas the rows contain the actual data itself.

Some key notes to understand MySQL better :

Database: is the main text based container that holds everything for your web site. We can think of it as the big box that holds a lot of text strings and text blocks.

Table: Tables get created inside of database. Database can hold multiple tables.  For example; one table can hold all of the data that you put into the join form in a web site (name, email, location etc.). Another table can hold how many times web site have been viewed by whom and from where and another table can hold forum posts and so on so forth with everything this site does.

Row: is each information set sent to the database. For example; when you joined a web site you became a new row in database table. That row consists of the fields: name, email, location and other things. If a web site has 250 members, there will be 250 rows in the database.






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