Might Be Useful for Friends – Mrmr – OPEN MOBILE TOUCH PROTOCOL

What is Mrmr? I just found it by accident and thought it might be helpful to some of my friend’s projects.

First the link:  http://mrmr.noisepages.com/4-2/

Mrmr is an ongoing open-source research project to develop a standardized set of protocols and syntax conventions to control live installations and multimedia performances via mobile devices. The project is currently spearheaded by Eric Redlinger, researcher-in-residence at Brooklyn Polytechnic University’s Integrated Digital Media Institute.

Simply put, Mrmr is a technology that enables you to use ordinary cell phones and PDAs as controllers in audio-visual performances, or to participate in interactive museum exhibits, or to use your mobile device in the place of the mouse or trackpad from your full-size comp.

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