Moving The Png

This time what i tried to do is to control the png sequence and move it where i want. This is supposed to be a process done manually for now, later i will try to turn this into a loop. For now, i just saved some of random files as pngs in photoshop and used them as examples. After i put them in the same folder where Max is and name them properly. I went to the import movie part and picked one of them. In the PngReader part i needed to type how many frames was it. This part was from last week. It looks like this:


What i added is the position values of the pngs. In the ‘positioning patcher’ (p positioning), i moved X from -1 to 0.8 and i moved Y from -1 to 0.8. This way my pngs were going from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. In order to do this, i used ‘line’ object. ‘Line’ object generate ramps and line segments from one value to another within a specified amount of time. In another saying, we could say to the line object ‘move this from here to there in this amount of time’. So, in my patched i changed my X and Y coordinates in 1000miliseconds. And after the line, comes the X and Y coordinates in flonum objects. After these, object i had to use ‘Pak’ object to pack the X and Y coordinates to send. And i connected this to ‘prepend position’ object. As always, i had to connect this to object so that it can work.

This process is only active when the toggle is on. My next goal must be learn how to create a loop for this so that it can trigger itself and continue forever.


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