“Reflective Perception” by Nihan Taşbaşı

making of Reflective Perception video by Nihan Ta?ba??

The idea occurred while I was watching the “Ask-i Memnu” which is the most popular tv series of the contemporary popular culture and transcribed from a classical and popular literary piece written by Halit Ziya Usakligil. While I was watching it I realized that I have never read the book of the series or heard about the story before. My mother knows the characters and the events that are occurring in the story just by following the previous knowledge that she gained from reading the novel before and watching the first Tv series. So, the events in the story that makes me feel ambiguous, does not make my mother feel as much ambiguous as I feel. The reason for this difference in feelings is, she imagined the characters and events in her own perception while she was reading the novel from the original source, directly from the author’s interpretation of his own imagination. This situation of perception, as it is mentioned above, differs with each individual’s the way of interpretation of images and perception of what is told through the images and sound or writing, in our case. Furthermore I thought my perception and imagination is different than my mother. My imagining process of the scenes and the characters for the first time while watching the TV series is actually an interpretation of the perception of imagination and visualization over the scenarist and the director. However my mother, on the other hand, has an older imaginative experience of the original script and what she is doing is imagining once again over her old perceived image with the additional perceived images of the scenarist and the director’s work on the script. With this way of thinking I decided to make people imagine over their experiences; story reading without seeing, getting the first experience with the story while reading; so that it can be shown in a visual way (video) that how the imagination and perceptions differ according to the personal background, experiences of each reader of the same story.

Nihan_Tasbasi:_MakingOf Reflective Perception (pdf)

Reflective Perception – Project Pproposal by Nihan Tasbasi (doc)

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