For the last two-three weeks, i was working on my animations. After designing and coloring the characters, i had to study on the movements on animals such as seacow, seahorse, jellyfish etc. Firstly, i started to create my animation by drawing frames in photoshop, but later i moved on to Adobe Flash. Because with the onionskin feature, it was easier to see and control what i draw. I have finished 6 animations last week and started coloring. They dont have a finished, neat look at the moment, but i think i can clean and correct some parts since i have got the main keyframes of them. That’s why i decided to move on with the Max/Msp, because i think its what is going to take my time the most. This week i will try to work one of my png sequence  in max/msp and try to change it into another sequence with the coordinates from Kinect camera.

So here are the animations:








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