Idea on graduation project


For my graduation I want to do something fun and also something I am interested in.

The concept is based on parents’ and society’s insist on reading classical novels when one is only a child. The novels which are heavy going are hard for one to read. The project I am thinking of doing will make reading more fun and listenable. I am thinking of taking a very classical book- Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen, Gogol, Steinbeck- and redesigning its layout, the book itself with its cover design and all pages. When one changes a page the voice over will enter, just like the voice overs in Turkey when they do to a foreigner movie. I will make a voice over for each page in Turkish in a funny sense and there will be some Turkish pages where I will do a voice over in English is a serious manner. The idea behind this change is that we as Turkish people sublimate Western language and culture while forgetting our own language and just use sentences like a translation from a movie.

At the end of this project I will end up with a designed book of a classical novel with voiced over pages, also makes it fun to read and it speaks to a social problem in Turkey.

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