Last week we did a lot of discussion about “phubbing”.  As mentioned in the previous post phubbing is ‘The act of snubbing some one in a social setting by looking at your phone instead paying attention’. This concept really bothers me thats why I want to do something about it. It is not a solvable problem in this era but when talking to others, they tell that they are bothered too but do it anyways. My aim in this project is to create an awareness about this and maybe prevent or lessen it a little bit.

Next week I am going to present my overall topic; what exactly phubbing is and why it appeared. When starting this project first I have to know what this is really about and how it functions in real life.

Afterwards I am going to decide what exactly am I going to do. I have few ideas about doing a smartphone application, interactive web site, something analog to put distance to technology or something else. I am expecting my friends’ helps on these on. 🙂

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