The modelling of the game

I have started modelling the istiklal street as the city environment for my game. Unfortunately,modelling every building with every detail takes more time than I hoped. Because we have decided on a render type of 2 color or 2 color with shadings, there will be no textures on the buildings. It means more modelling, more time render than covering up with textures. Those are the 3 different ways of renderings in my mind(those renders are from the mockup I have started rendering all over again from the beginning :

F1147 F1147_style2

after I took some photographs I have started from tunel, looking from the map also.I could only finish the map placement,and completely finish one buildingin apocalyse aesthetic with details:


 one of the buildings in the tunel area     the first modelling of that building

the first modelling of that building


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