zeynep selcuk

Last week i could not find the time to visit ISEA but I went to see Bienal. Mark Bradford is a well-known artist who puts ephemeras to the canvas that he collected from the urban areas and nature in a very rich visual complexity. One of the work of art that captured my attention is Mark Bradford’s piece which called Red Catcher of Hamelin. This collage consist of mixed textures and materials. The work of art consist of four different parts which can also create harmony four piece together or seperately. The typographic elements, colors and materials mixes and creates harmony instead of creating complexity. Also massively scaled form and abstract way of representing the work took my attention

My project
I am thinking about designing high heel shoe , maybe more than one , than i want to play with it colors, patterns, shapes by using Projection Mapping and want to create different outlooks and visuality. So that each people can play and re-create the shoe by their own taste . I saw some projects which they combined fashion and projection mapping,. I am not sure about this idea but i’ll search more about it.

About me
Since my childhood with the help and support of my family i started to paint and had an interest in art. I never stopped drawing and it is such a good thing that i plan my future according to my hobby. Beside it i did sports, i did bale for 5 years but i choosed to be a swimmer and swam like 7 years , i wish i was stil swimming, it was such a wrong decision.

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