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Finalized: criteria of success

As indicated before, a working prototype of the project should be the end goal of this initial phase of the project, which sums up to a period of 14 weeks in total. I found myself successful for i’ve met and provided the technical base of the project in the past few weeks, then visualizing, which I felt relatively more comfortable about has been tested for the technical progress. Even though I was very new and unprofessional in the 3D medium, modeling was still a part of my pre-knowledge which led me to advance in short time. Yet still, the most important criteria of success by the end of this 14-week term was the minimizing of the difficulties and risks of this project, which i think that i’ve pretty much accomplished.



Microfields: links&inspirations




The project already began with a wide range of research on the subjects of destruction and aestheticisim, reaching to the very past philosophy and literature of the subject and its appearances in the contemporary world. Research and reading is both an initial phase and a continuous one in this project. I will continuously be reading several thesis and literature works I’ve found on the subject along with the practice of the project.

Once the scope is fully determined, a prototype of the project will be worked out before stepping into the final version. Initially a story will be written for the flow of the animation and a storyboard will be constructed besides. As I have already decided upon the aesthetic aspect of the visual, I will start with the animation. Synchronically I should be thinking about how to relate the out of frame daily objects to the parts of the animation. Then I am planning to make a prototype of the prototype to experiment the manipulation of an image via using camera and coding on a different video environment, using VVVV or ICON copyrighted by Frieder Weiss for his Perceivable bodies project, to try different methods of interactivity with the visuals.

Yet again before all, I should decide upon which scripting environment I’m going to work with and learn about it. My next phase will be visiting the electronics lab in the campus to gain some know-how about implementing sensors within the objects I’ve chosen and experimenting with that very knowledge. I believe that as I get to learn more about the technical issues, I will be building upon this primary version of the project, perhaps ending up with a more satisfactory result. In order to work in systematically and harmoniously, I should make a very detailed chart plan for each week I’m going to spend on this project, in order to chase my progress to avoid last-minute matters.


background info.

The fact that “death” is being presented with “cold” leads to the fluent construction of an aesthetic that is already placed in out minds. Death and all other destructions are being so aestheticised, in time, pleasure becomes an inevitable and irresistable insanity. Recently I’ve been reading about the extinction of elephants and several reasons that are both caused by their nature and the human nature. The fact that we could be the last generation to see elephants in flesh was terrifying enough for me. My major concern was not a boom against the survival of the fittest in the real environment we currently live in, rather the out of reach changes in our contemporary world that rendered the “destruction” as a past subject, deceiving the human mind through an aestheticised contemporary world.

Innovation became irresistible at any parcel of life; first the buildings grew up, replacing the medium sized buildings with skyscrapers, then the daily tools changed for several, and the gap grew within and in between individuals and groups; both physically and ideologically.

As technology grew stronger, the world began to evolve into a more robotic one. The contemporary reality became a simulation of the past and human mind forces human body to be immersed in this new environment. Compatibility became an issue, and one more thing is left for human to understand, and that is that he is the subject of this drama.