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Hello again

Hi there, I realized that I have not been updating the blog for quite some time. To be honest, I was not feeling well for couple of weeks and I needed to stay away from school for some time. I know that was not a very clever thing to do. In the beginning of this project I promised myself to accomplish this goal and I will.

There you go the latest news..

I was determined to use LEDs in my project but thanks to Ekmel Ertan’s suggestion, I changed my mind and decided to use fiber optic fabric instead. Fiber optic fabrics are truly amazing. I believe that thanks to the fiber optic fabric the visual effect will be much stronger. All I have to do is to shine a bright light into the fiber bundle which is collected at one end, and the fabric fills with little shining pinpoints.

I am planning to use three different colors such as red,blue and yellow. I will separate the fabric into three parts for three different color. To light up the fabric I need three LEDs, coin cell battery to provide low power processor to blink the LEDs and I also need heat shrinks to keep the threads of the fabric together. (when we separate the fabric into three parts, the threads tend to loosen up, so I need to use heat shrinks to keep them together).

I made the order from sparkfun this week, I will probably have them in two weeks or so. I also ordered the microphone which is the key item to the project.