Things That Excite me.

Briefly, I am interested in some action sports. Materials used during making these activities and apart from it, filming them.
I have some experiences about sailing, snowboarding and kiteboarding. I would like to do something in the terms of these activities. Some tools to make them exciting or easier. This will be my start point.

Check this out.
A snowboarding google by Oakley

About filming these activities. Music of a must for me. Syncopes are the ones triggers me about making the movies.

Help from chickens

LG image stabilization commercial

Mercedes-Benz commercial

Here is a brand new video that I made about skiing.

Avoriaz Skii Promo

Apart from video making, there is a guy I would like to show you. I thing he is a genius. He makes videos and effects using a simple projector.

It’s a projector. It projects.

Light Painting with Pixelstick

Projection Mapping Skateboarding

Toyota Auris video mapping